Why I Changed My Domain Name

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Two pathways in the forest

Once upon a time, on a pleasant day in February you are heading to your favorite site of your favorite author using your favorite device – and find it being unavailable. Your first thought: NSA finally got him! Your second thought: gotta go to Google.

So what will you do?

  • Attack NSA (strength 100, endurance 100). Roll the dice, then add the result to your stren– But why even bother? You know pretty well: this battle you cannot win.
  • Visit Google’s tavern and ask them regulars about the incident.

As you can see, I’m still under a spell of my recent discovery. Even a usual post comes out non-linear and having a little bit of a fantastic combat involved (a battle with NSA – what can be more fantastic than that?).

If you happened to visit my beautiful site before (prior to this post’s publication), I’m sure you noticed that its domain name turned from koolaev.ru into playingwriter.com.

Seriously, why do I always complicate things?

If you want to understand me, please have a seat in my Time Machine. We’re going a few days back, to the day I made a grand discovery. It turns out there’s fifth dimension where people learned to create amazing books with multiple choices, non-linear storytelling and – the most important point – a reader in these books is a main character…

  • If you haven’t got my subtle allusion to the classic Twilight Zone series and my joke, go to 167.
  • If you’ve got it and now is just nodding knowingly, go to 254.

254. Down with shackles of destiny!

With a Sword of Inspiration, I decided to destroy shackles of the only one destiny and challenge the gods themselves. Flaming with passion, I will tread two paths instead of one and, like Prometheus before, will share my fire with people.

In case any sense of the paragraph above got lost behind the epic style, I want to explain a little bit. For so many (oh, so many!) years I’ve been being teared apart into two pieces, just like Jekyll and Hyde. Noble doctor inside me wanted to write books, while implacable rebel wanted to make games.

I mean games in general, not particularly computer games. When I was young and fresh student, I tried to develop computer games. But then I understood that games of this kind are very hard to develop on your own. So I started to design board games. And now, as you’ve probably already guessed, I’m totally charmed with gamebooks.

When I started this site, I planned to write about myself (a lot), about my books (a boatload more), on how to write books (a little bit less, but still quite a lot) and about others’ books (just a tiny bit – who cares to write about someone else’s books when one hasn’t finished their own books yet?). That’s why I chose a domain name with my surname in it. I mean, if you wanna build a brand, make it about yourself, right?

But then I found that even prehistoric writers of 80s (no offense meant, it’s just so different, so ancient age) succeeded in crossbreeding two of their passions together. The result wasn’t some monstrosity, rather a fine griffin. So I decided to do the same.

Playing writer

Probably you heard about Hugh Howey. He’s my role model in terms of publishing and considered the first indie writer who achieved such a great success, broke the wall between self- and traditional publishing and pushed the pebble that turned into avalanche of amazing indie books.

So Hugh Howey had a usual author’s site: popular and super useful blog, his books, contacts, etc. But a few years passed, and he decided to rekindle his passion for sea voyages and embark for round-the-world trip in his new yacht. This was a part of his calling: to be a sailor and a traveler.

Hugh didn’t build a separate site to share his new passion with his readers. What he did was he simply redesigned the old site, changed its name (not a domain name like me, just a site’s name) and declared: this site is about writing and sea voyages.

The Wayfinder Hugh Howey site screenshot

I decided to do the same. I mean, if Hugh can do this, I totally can too, right?

So the topics I write on or am planning to write on moved a little and are ready to welcome the new gang. From now on, I will be covering

  • how to make gamebooks (and maybe boardgames too),
  • my ideas, experience and designs of gamebooks (and maybe boardgames too),
  • someone else’s ideas, experience and designs of gamebooks (and maybe boardga– well, you already guessed).

I’ve been taking a great interest in the subject just for a few days, but I already dug up an enormous heap of useful information. What I have to do now is to consume it to produce a smaller heap of the most important and useful information on creating gamebooks. Just wait and see what I will come up with.

Yeeeha! Venture forth, brave hero Playing Writer, into the dark and dank caves of the unknown!

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