Why Finding Your Calling Is So Hard and How to Make It Easier

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I think everyone struggles to find a meaning for their lives. What should we do here on Earth? Just exist? Just run a race for comfort, satiety, security, entertainment, happiness? And what is happiness?

I doubt that life is so simple. I believe that each and every one of us was put here on this planet to fulfill their calling. But the problem is, no one told us what exactly it means. As a result, people waste their lives on mundane jobs while they could have been artists, engineers, musicians, writers. They just don’t know what they are, but they feel their everyday life lacks something so important, so big that they can’t fill an enormous hole inside. So what they do? They waste another portion of their lives looking for some quick remedy to alleviate their pain, to make them happy. They do the jobs they don’t like and then go to the bar, or watch movies, or play video games, or surf social networks. All because they feel there’s something more to their life, but they just can’t grasp it yet.

There’s no happiness without fulfilling your true calling. No joy in life will be complete if you don’t pursue your dream. But the hardest thing here is actually finding your calling.

If you’re still unsure of what your calling is and searching for it, or just need some motivation to follow the path you already chose, put aside all distractions for just 10 minutes and read latest post from Jeff Goins revealing the hard part about finding your calling.

Jeff not only gives you some insights on why we need to pursue our dreams and not to waste our lives putting our passions off indefinitely, but also offers invaluable advice on how to find one. His seasonal dream idea is simply a life-saver for those of us who isn’t lucky enough to know what their calling is. Heck, even I sometimes doubt my determination to be a writer, though I started writing when I was nine and since then have been dreaming of becoming a famous (and full-time) writer.

So read Jeff’s post and learn what stops you from finding your calling, why it’s so hard and how to make it easier.

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